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Introducing Benton Design Interiors!

  • Benton Design Interiors specializes in providing design and ergonomic furniture solutions to institutional, corporate and government clients in Ontario. Since COVID however, working from home either full or part time has become the new norm for a rapidly growing number of individuals, and as a result we are helping more and more people design and furnish their home offices. We take a very personal approach to sales and service, with particular emphasis on addressing the individual's physiological and functional requirements through detailed workstation analysis.

    Our primary goal in any design or planning project is to apply sound ergonomic principles. Wrist and back problems can be easily avoided by incorporating good seating, ergonomic accessories, and educating the end user on proper adjustments. Eyestrain can be reduced through optimal lighting and postioning of the monitor. We also specialize in helping people who have various health and mobility issues, in order to reduce discomfort and improve their productivity. Good design also dictates that we optimize space utilization, address all storage requirements and incorporate pleasing aesthetics. However, we often have to remind our clients of the very important three F axiom; "Form Follows Function"!!

    The best value, most competitive pricing, and superior customer service is always offered to you, our valued customer.

    If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment for a complementary home or office workstation analysis, please feel free to contact me personally. ,

    Morey Benton